Q. What are the grills made of?
A. They are made of painted steel or stainless steel.

Q. What are the burners made of?
A. They are a stainless steel tube that we fabricate into a burner. It is guaranteed for the life of the cooker except for outside physical damage.

Q. What about the cooking surface?
A. It and the shelf have a stainless grate for easy cleaning and long life.

Q. Where does the grease go?
A. There is a drain underneath with a hook to hang a can or bucket on.

Q. What about flair ups?
A. We have a lot of depth between the burner and the cooking grate plus a Baffle so we can get a lot hotter without flair ups.

Q. How hot will it get?
A. 550 to 600 degrees F.

Q. How are they assembled?
A. All welded construction. Ready to add a full tank and cook.

Q. How do they last outside?
A. They have overhangs on the lid and all openings to shed water. If they stay dry inside they last a long time.